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Are you protected when you refer a home inspector?

Yes, when you refer a Home Inspector participating in the NARREP-sponsored Home Inspector Insurance Program. There is no deductible to the Agent or Broker.  So, why refer anyone else to do the inspections?

Limited Additional Insured Endorsement

Insurers agree to extended coverage provided by this Policy to include the referring Agent or Broker, Lending Institution, Relocation Company and / or Real Estate Attorneys and their agents or employees for those  sums they become legally obligated to pay by reason of damages for wrongful referral arising out of any Occurrence occurring during the Policy Period, subject to the terms of the Policy, provided all Claims are referred to insurers for consideration and investigation.  No coverage is provided for any damages other than wrongful referral.

Maurer Inspections…

Is a participating NARREP Home Inspection Company.